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Tourism at Tam Giang Lagoon

Created on 03 September 2012
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In one-day journey, visitors start from Hue city, visit Thu Le Temple - a national cultural Relic, and then go to the Fishing Village . Here, visitors will hear the history of development of a fishery community; touch and fee fishing tools of various kinds, such as gears and nets.

Tourists also participate in fishing activities such as oyster and clam collecting, opening the fishing traps as a "lottery luck"  . After cycling through the gardens and villages to visit Thuy Lap Traditional career village, tourists will enjoy lunch with the local specialties of lagoon as shrimp, crab, and brackish water fishes (such as “Dia”fish, “hanh” fish, “day” fish ,...) prepared by local people. Tourists can also yacht on lagoon across to Quang Ngan beach. In Quang Ngan beach, besides swimming, tourists can enjoy traditional “Nap” dance of the locality; learn about the community activities . On the way back to Hue, tourists can visit and buy some souvenirs from Bao La traditional career villages such as rattan and bamboo handicraft.

More info: http://www.vietnamtourism.com/hue/e_pages/tn_phatamgiang.htm
Produced by: Centre for Social Research and Development, Vietnam
Year: 2010
Language: Vietnamese




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