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A small monument of cooperation

Postcard from Koepel Zeeburg, Oostvoorne, Zuid Holland, the Netherlands. It is a small monument of the cooperation among people, cooperation that is both necessary and pleasant. The coastal island of Voorne-Putten in the Southwest of the Netherland was always dependent on the protection from the sea by natural sand dunes and the man-made dyke surrounding the island.  In the maintenance of such flood protection, regular checking of the dikes and dunes is  essential. Koepel Zeeburg was built in 1742 for the meetings of those inspecting the protection works – the socalled Generale Dijkage (General Flood Protection). This consisted of a Dyke Master and representatives of water management of six small polder water boards  (heemraadschappen), that take care of the different land units within the island. From the 17th century the flood protection became a collective responsibility. Prior to that each water board was responsible for the dyke section adjacent to it land, but for some water boars this became a… Continued

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