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Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illuciens) as alternative feed for small-scale poultry

Authors: Dawit Kidane, Luwieke Bosma, Femke van Woesik In Ethiopia, small-scale poultry farmers grapple with scarcity and high-quality feed costs, constituting 70-80% of their production expenses. This not only threatens their livelihood but also makes poultry products less affordable. A promising solution to this challenge is the utilization of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae, an innovative and sustainable feed alternative. These larvae can transform organic waste into a protein-rich source. This potential can mitigate the challenges that poultry farmers currently face. Research highlights the potential of edible insects, like the BSF larvae, as cost-effective ingredients in animal feed. According to Sumbule et al. (2021), incorporating such alternative sources can significantly lower feeding costs. Moreover, Paul et al. (2017) identified these insects as high-quality protein sources that meet poultry dietary needs. By converting organic waste into nutrient-dense feed, BSF larvae not only offer a solution to reduce feed costs but also contribute to environmental sustainability. They boast a high protein content… Continued

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