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Enhancing coordination in the Ethiopian lowlands for strengthened resilience

by Florencia Rieiro, Technical Consultant, MetaMeta April 8, 2021 Coordination matters as it brings people together, allowing learning and opening new spaces to discuss matters that might otherwise not be shared or thought through. On the 3rd of November the first online DREAM II Pre-conference was held. Supported by GIZ, the event focused on enhancing coordination between key stakeholders in the arid and semi-arid lowlands of Ethiopia. The two subsequent pre-conferences aimed to foster discussions around coordination, cooperation and capacity development for lowland resilience before the DREAM II Conference takes place in Jijiga, Ethiopia in 2021. Below are some of my key takeaways from the discussions held between civil society organisations, development partners, government and the private sector on how enhanced coordination can strengthen resilience in the lowland areas. DREAM Conferences Organised jointly by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture; the Afar Bureau of Livestock, Agriculture and Natural Resource Development; and the GIZ SDR Support Programme, the first Dream Conference held… Continued

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