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Underground dams against seawater intrusion in Shandong, China

by Frank van Steenbergen January 19, 2021 Salt water intrusion Salt water intrusion in coastal areas is a serious global concern – driven by climate change (rising sea water levels and sea floods) and increased use of freshwater anywhere upstream of the coastal areas (particularly heavy groundwater pumping close to the shorelines). It is not irreversible and there are solutions that can be applied. Water scarcity as well as water pollution are rampant in the northern part of China and the area is considered one of the groundwater crisis hotspots. Sea water intrusion has created local drinking water crises and led to the abandoning of wells and farmland, which has increased hardship for those living there. Also facing severe amounts of salt water intrusion from the sea is the fast-developing coastal province of Shandong, located in East China region’s economic powerhouse (Monninkhoff et al. 2010). Shandong boasts of a dynamic horticultural sector catering to the national and regional markets. Water… Continued

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