Driving the water for peace agenda

Our message on the occasion of World Water Day 2024 – MetaMeta

Water connects lives and livelihoods. It connects people but can also be an important cause for conflict. Yet, when water is managed properly, it is a force for peace. The very act of managing water jointly builds understanding, confidence, and commonality.

Water is central to what we do at MetaMeta. Our passion and commitment are to have a deep engagement with the intricacies of water and the societal challenges it brings. We have seen that almost everywhere, there is enough water to go around, provided we use our joint agency to manage it carefully and share it. We must join forces to do so.

We, MetaMeta, as part of the GOPA Group, are present and active in different parts of the world, from areas where water is hard to come by, to areas where it is plentiful but only available in short periods of time, where volumes are difficult to manage. Together with our partners, we continue to engage and make deliberate efforts to make sure this precious live resource is available to those who need it most, even in the hardest to reach areas in the world.

Making water travel to the driest region of Eastern Sudan
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March 21, 2024  
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