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Obituary: Saying goodbye to the celebrated Water Resource scholar Dr. Shahid Ahmad

By Ashfaque Soomro July 30, 2021 A celebrated water resource planning and development scholar, Dr. Shahid Ahmad has died of a cardiac problem on July 28, 2021 in Islamabad, Pakistan. This news has saddened a wider agriculture and water community in Pakistan and abroad. He was a courageous voice on water matters, who always tried to change the common perception about governance in Pakistan. Dr. Shahid earned his PhD in agricultural engineering from Colorado State University USA in 1987. He served Pakistan Agricultural Research Council in various positions from the year 1976 to 2012, and played an instrumental role in designing and management of water resource development projects, mainly in fragile ecosystems in Pakistan. While being associated with PARC, he played a key role in establishing the Water Resources Research Institute at the National Agricultural Research Centre in Islamabad. Until his retirement from the services, he worked as ‘Member, Natural Resources’ at Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad from Sep 2008 - Feb… Continued

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