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Making life lighter: on improving laundry

by Meghna Mukherjee and Frank van Steenbergen Introduction With at least 750 million of the poorest women and girls spending at least two tough hours washing clothes for their households, there is huge scope to make these women lives lighter and less painstaking by improving laundry practice. Doing so would create opportunities for women to spent time for education, personal and family care, social activities and other own interests. Improving rural laundry would also be a key to better hygiene and a key to dignity, especially for poor families that have very few sets of clothes. A number of time-tested methods exist that can be widely introduced. This will set the stage to transition in rural laundry. Washing clothes is a necessary aspect of everyday life. Time taking and laborious the responsibility to do laundry almost always falls i upon women in many cultures. According to a study done by the World Bank in 19 countries, rural women spend an… Continued

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