Water, Integrity and Corruption: In Conversation with Betty Oyella Bigombe

–There is a perception that corruption is rife in the water sector… There are many big projects with big money involved, and there is a feeling that you cannot win contracts unless you bribe people handling the procurement process.

–Dealing with corruption is not just about saving the ‘good guys’ from the ‘corrupt guys.’ While looking for solutions, you’ve got to involve stakeholders across the board.

–Despite the general impression, corruption is not just a developing country-issue. Its just that developing countries are at that stage of development where they are building their infrastructure. This provides a lot of scope for corruption.

–There is strong political will in Uganda to curb corruption. The Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) is taking everyone to task— including those places high up in the government—as it investigates corruption cases that have recently come to light.

These are some excerpts from an interview with Betty Oyella Bigombe, the Ugandan Minister of State for Water Resources, on the sidelines of the Water Integrity Forum 2013 held in Delft, The Netherlands.

More info: Water Integrity Network ; Water Integrity Forum
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Language: English
Year: 2013
Region: Uganda, Global

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June 17, 2013  
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