peer-to-peer, frame-by-frame

Peer-to-peer, Frame-to-frame: Video-centred Horizontal Learning Groups of persons living, studying or working in a similar context are all looking for … Continued

Soft Infrastructures

Usually, the term ‘Infrastructure’ conjures up images of mega structures such as roads, bridges, dams, telecommunications and water supply systems. … Continued


An eco-city or sustainable city is an ecologically healthy city.They are planned on the principles of living within the means … Continued

Urban Lakes

Be they manmade or natural, urban lakes are once again coming to the forefront of interest as integrated urban water … Continued

Blue Energy

Modern society consumes large amounts of energy, which is mostly supplied by fossil fuels. However, these fuels offer only a … Continued

Green Infrastructures

The quality of (green) infrastructures is important to be able to cope with growing urban challenges. An urban area is … Continued