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Reflecting on Four Transformative Years: The Green Future Farming Program in Ethiopia

Girma Senbeta (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Getachew Engdayehu (Amhara Bureau of Agriculture), Nardos Masresha (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Guta Eshata Gemmechu (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Bantamlak Wondmnow (Amhara Bureau of Agriculture), Redeat Daniel (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Getanew Tesfaw (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Tena Gobena (Oromia Bureau of Agriculture), Mitiku Bajiga (Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture), Frank van Steenbergen (MetaMeta), and Femke van Woesik (MetaMeta) Imagine a large tanker sailing across the ocean. If you alter the ship's course by just one degree at the beginning of the journey, the final destination can differ by hundreds of kilometres. In other words, over time, a small change can make a huge difference. This was the intention of the Green Future Farming (GFF) program: a small engine propelling a vast vessel onto a new course. Ethiopian governance has a large and strong agricultural department with a far-reaching extension system, which is a key policy instrument for necessary changes. Over the past four years, GFF has worked together with the Bureaus of Agriculture in… Continued

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