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Floods are about rain, floods are also about drainage

by Mohammed Chandio Floods triggered by unusually heavy rain – more than 5 times average - have inundated Sindh Province once again. After devastating floods of 2010, 2011, 2016 and 2020  (see map)-- all with different histories-- the current flood is of the mega category, as bad or even worse than the 2010 ones. Fifteen million people displaced-- many of them among the poorest in the world-- taking refuge on roads or embankments, isolated and drinking polluted flood water.  Half a million houses destroyed and infrastructure--roads, irrigation canals and railways lines-- heavily damaged, as they were covered by 2-6 meters of water. Transport almost at a standstill for weeks. However, floods are not only about heavy rain, they are about drainage too. The speed and direction in which the excess water is evacuated is an equal part of the equation. There are several major issues in this regard. Firstly, the capacity of the main Indus to move flood water has… Continued

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