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On the way to Green Roads in Asia

By Frank van Steenbergen The weight of the road sector in Asia is enormous. There were already 21 million kilometers of roads in Asia by 2020, according to the Asia Transport Outlook. By 2030 another 8 millon will be added. In addition, an unknown part of the existing network will be upgraded in the coming years. This will wire the growing economy in Asia and also connect the still sizable population of Asia that lives at a distance of more than two kilometer from an all-weather road, at present as much as 26%[1]. The size and the expected expansion of the road network Asia have wide ramifications. Roads are not only essential for connectivity and safe and affordable travel, but roads are also important on many agendas. Motorized road transport has been leading in the increase in carbon emissions. The motorized road sector is a major contributor (18%) to global CO2 emissions)[2]. Road development has changed the landscape hydrology all… Continued

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