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Promoting Sustainable Water Management: My Failure Experience and the Power of the 3R Approach

By Sukru Esin Water is one of the most vital resources for our planet and managing it in a sustainable way is critical for ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for all. As someone who has studied water management and has a deep understanding of the challenges and solutions involved, it can be frustrating to see decision-makers ignore the potential benefits of implementing sustainable water management practices. During my master's program in water management, I learned about a variety of different approaches to addressing water-related challenges, including flood risk assessment, rainwater harvesting, and managed aquifer recharge. These approaches are designed to help communities manage their water resources in a sustainable way and can make a real difference in promoting the health and well-being of people and ecosystems alike. Unfortunately, despite the many benefits of these approaches, decision-makers in many parts of the world are slow to adopt them. In my case, with my colleagues we have introduced this techniques with… Continued

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